NCA-NCT’21 is a three-day conference and exhibition of works organized by the Textile Design Department at NCA, Lahore.

Since the upgradation of textiles in the past couple of years owing to technological advancement which resulted in real-time exposure to international design, many areas pertaining to newer perspectives related to textiles remain under-researched and less discussed. This conference thus presents the forum to address diverse themes under the umbrella of textile design education, learning & entrepreneurship. This is the first step towards a more complex but rewarding journey.



The Textile Design Department, one of the oldest at NCA, maintains a transparent interface between materials and making that allows to create a challenging and dynamic environment for students. The young textile designers of the future are trained to face trials pertaining to industry and economy, individual and society, techniques and technologies. Students are expected and encouraged to bring forth and experiment with new ideas without fearing the outcomes. NCA’s textile design graduates are spread across the industry in Pakistan and have maintained a great reputation across the board. In addition, they have opened up new departments of Textile Design at different universities across Pakistan and many have worked as very successful entrepreneurs.


The main objective of the conference is to bring together leading textile educators, practitioners, specialists, and researchers on one platform for discussion. It aims to allow the presenters and speakers to exchange, share, present, and discuss the most recent knowledge in textile design. Moreover, recent innovations, trends, concerns, challenges, and solutions adopted in the diverse sectors of textile design will be a major part of discussion at the conference. Lastly, this conference will not only enhance the current students’ knowledge in textile design but will also equip them well with contemporary agendas and issues in textile design.


Remote Learning and Teaching in Textile Design Post-Covid19
Reorientation of Textile Design by Filling in the Gaps Between Academia and Industry
Future of Textile Design: Smart Textiles, Sustainability, and Textile Craft
Existing Textile Design National Curriculum (the way forward.)
Entrepreneurship in Textile Design Today
Textile Marketing, Merchandizing, and Digital Media